This heading sucks
(2005-01-23, 1:24 a.m.)
I'm getting really worried about my Job.Not because I'm nessasarelly being watched by management or I'm in big trouble,but because I absolutely fucking hate it right now.Our new manager Jason has already left,and now we have a new manager for the 3 third time in a month.So naturally,I get schedualed 3 more 40 hour weeks because of this..all with full saturday and fridays for side dishes.I've tried 3 times to talk with him while I was at work,and I can never get ahold of him.I'm hoping my new hours get approved,because if they do..then I'm fine with work.The problem is..Wal-mart easily fucks up the simplist of things.

So now It's time to fess up.Because of all my frustraition with that place,I'm currently faking the flu.I called in Friday and Saturday,figuring this would be the best time with the ridiculously cold weather and being tired.I really don't like that I did that.However,I mainly did it because I needed some fucking rest.That's the MAIN reason for getting my hours reduced.Unlike the Full-Time stockmen..I do not weigh over 200 pounds and a big muscular body.My body simply can't take that punishment 40 hours a week during the winter.I know this,because all i ever do when I have off is sleep most of the day.

However,luckily it's a simple fix.I can handle 30 hours a week.As long as I'm not working any more than that,I'm fine.As long as I have a weekend day off,I'm fine.So,let's just hope it happends.

In other news,On wedensday I went out to see if the cutlas was still at Northstar auto and it was.However,it looked like someone had already baught it because it had plates on it and things in the car with no price.Nobody was around,and I've called just to confirm that it's not for sale..and nobody has been there.So who knows,but chances are..someone bought it.

So,I drove a little around town..and even though I found a nice 93 buick lesabre for 2.5 grand,that's the only thing I looked at that looked good.However,the guy wont sell it any less than thats out of the question.I didn't see anything else out there that interested me.

On a positive note,theyres a couple of Good shows coming up in the area.Theyre's a band called anodyne that sounds pretty interesting playing tomorrow,and I talked to Big Jim about going..but the Nor'easter has put those plans in jeopardy.But Feb 12th,theyres this New band called The End of the Universe coming up who I've been keeping an eye on,and what i've heard has actually really impressed me.They actually kind of reminded me of Mastodon a little with the drumming,time changes,and gigantic guitar sound.I've heard two songs,and I loved what i heard.All I have to say is,if everything else is just as good..Theyre going to be amazing.Not only are they playing,but Psyopus will be playing as well=),and theyre absolutely crazy.So,I guess if worse comes to worse that I miss Dillinger in Syracuse,atleast theyres Psyopus and the end of the universe playing here that will be probably the best show in the area since Burnt by the Sun played here in August.

I just signed on Myspace and Marie left a little message of a corny song I always sing.Stuff like that always cheers me up a bit=),since I still miss my friends a ton

Other than that,I'm sleepy(surprise).Time to sleep and dream about Maps and Cartoons!!