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Good friends
(2004-10-13, 3:09 a.m.)
Octobercarmen(John): buttchunks
PostAltoCumulus: spraying all over the dance floor
PostAltoCumulus: Only Hugh Hefner has his eyes still open..
PostAltoCumulus: wait
PostAltoCumulus: yeah,it will be him only
PostAltoCumulus: Anyway,how are ya John?
Octobercarmen: ha
Octobercarmen: im doing alright...paper due in the morning
Octobercarmen: then im off for fall break
PostAltoCumulus: yeah I know how thsoe nights go..the ones that never feel like they will end
PostAltoCumulus: and then when theyre over you just want to listen to Lisa Loeb
Octobercarmen: yeh but im listening to the white album and talking to cool peeps so its alright
Octobercarmen: hell yeh
PostAltoCumulus: heh definently..I wish I could do that
Octobercarmen: hows shit ?
PostAltoCumulus: I would always get drowned into conversation and forget about the task at hand,hah
Octobercarmen: yeh i do that ALOT
PostAltoCumulus: Once I thought about pasting all of my aim conversations into an essay for a psych class I took last year
Octobercarmen: yeh cuz u end up with funny fucked up shit
Octobercarmen: like buttchunks
PostAltoCumulus: yeah..and Richard simmons
PostAltoCumulus: wait..
PostAltoCumulus: theyre kinda the same
PostAltoCumulus: but yeah..I thought it would have been awesome to do but she wouldn't have understood it
PostAltoCumulus: for a psychologist she was pretty narrow minded
PostAltoCumulus: oh well
PostAltoCumulus: other than that yeah
PostAltoCumulus: I suck at it
Octobercarmen: ha
Octobercarmen: yeh narrow minded educators dont make sense
Octobercarmen: but i guess its pretty possible
PostAltoCumulus: well..theyre just focused on keeping that paycheck
ATTENTION: Instant Images session started.
Octobercarmen: yeh truly
PostAltoCumulus: but they suck
Octobercarmen: yo, i found this picture earlier and i think its great
PostAltoCumulus: hah send it up!
Octobercarmen: its not anything funny, just weird to think about
Octobercarmen: Instant Images
Octobercarmen: its me, my sister, kulas, and nicole kulas
Octobercarmen: like waiting for the bus in like 1st grade or kindergarten
PostAltoCumulus: Holy shit
PostAltoCumulus: That's amazing
Octobercarmen: yeh, like look where we are now
PostAltoCumulus: Esspecially kulas
Octobercarmen: its funny
PostAltoCumulus: yeah it is
Octobercarmen: dude, his shirt says Rap Boyz
Octobercarmen: hahaha
PostAltoCumulus: lol
PostAltoCumulus: that's awesome
Octobercarmen: the neon
PostAltoCumulus: ..and he's so..tiny
Octobercarmen: yeh totally
PostAltoCumulus: like..even as a kid..he was usually pretty big
Octobercarmen: yeh, he started to get big not long after
PostAltoCumulus: and john..your back pack is a classic
Octobercarmen: i remember like every day him scarfing down tons of food
PostAltoCumulus: haha oh really?
Octobercarmen: yeh totally ninja turtles
PostAltoCumulus: damn,you guys go way back
Octobercarmen: plus the skater lunchpack
PostAltoCumulus: haha yeah
Octobercarmen: yeh waaaay back
PostAltoCumulus: and everyone looks totally..LA gear
Octobercarmen: my first friend
PostAltoCumulus: wow
PostAltoCumulus: that's awesome
Octobercarmen: yeh its totally neon early 90s 90210
PostAltoCumulus: I'm a picture nerd
Octobercarmen: me too
PostAltoCumulus: I'm the kid who drags out photo albums like theyre free maps
Octobercarmen: ha
Octobercarmen: cool
Octobercarmen: photos are really cool
Octobercarmen: i think its funny how we both ended up in rock bands
PostAltoCumulus: haha yeah,it's neat because you try to imagine being that age again,and looking on and trying to think if you would ever go down that road
Octobercarmen: yeh its like, wow, i had so much of my life ahead of me, its ridiculous
Octobercarmen: i mean i do now, but still
PostAltoCumulus: Esspecially me..if you looked at me at that age..You would have swore I was on my way to Gym class high school football worship the cheerleader stardom
Octobercarmen: haha
Octobercarmen: yeh
Octobercarmen: you jock
PostAltoCumulus: yeah that too
PostAltoCumulus: It's crazy where the time goes..esspecially that picture..things look modern
Octobercarmen: i want so send that pic to adam
PostAltoCumulus: haha..
PostAltoCumulus: hey,I'll fuck you up with my quataback
PostAltoCumulus: get ya hand of my chick
Octobercarmen: the clothes are so hottt
PostAltoCumulus: Gotta do it for da team
Octobercarmen: GO FIGHT WIN
PostAltoCumulus: Yeah they are..
PostAltoCumulus: esspecially those shorts
PostAltoCumulus: it's like "welcome to Santa Monica"
Octobercarmen: all our lives were were nintendo and ducktales
Octobercarmen: haha yeh
PostAltoCumulus: Darkwing duck comes to mind
Octobercarmen: that was a little later on
Octobercarmen: but yeh that too
PostAltoCumulus: yeah..that was 3rd grade i think
PostAltoCumulus: tailspin
PostAltoCumulus: hah..
PostAltoCumulus: as soon as you got off teh bus..
PostAltoCumulus: you went to teh kicten..
PostAltoCumulus: grabbed 3 bags of Farley's ninja turtles fruit snacks..
Octobercarmen: hell yeh
Octobercarmen: omg
PostAltoCumulus: and watched channel 11
PostAltoCumulus: obsessivly
PostAltoCumulus: I sure did
Octobercarmen: fucking fruit snacks and jenos pizzas
Octobercarmen: that was our specialty
PostAltoCumulus: haha jenos
PostAltoCumulus: I don't think we ever got those
PostAltoCumulus: I remember hot pockets
Octobercarmen: thats like all we ate
Octobercarmen: play nintendo for 5 horus, eat pizza, play for 5 more hours
PostAltoCumulus: haha
Octobercarmen: i swear thats all i remember about my life til i was like 12
PostAltoCumulus: and imagining your bike was a car or atleast a motarcycle
PostAltoCumulus: haha..
PostAltoCumulus: what about fun daze?
PostAltoCumulus: what about Mr. Sanzo?
Octobercarmen: haha
Octobercarmen: mr sanzo
Octobercarmen: and his penis shorts
PostAltoCumulus: lol
PostAltoCumulus: I think we all worshiped him
Octobercarmen: yeh i worshipped him
PostAltoCumulus: I did too

Damn,It's great having good friends again who I can reminice about days when we were younger again.John is coming back this weekend and so is Joe and were all going to hang out at some point..I can't wait!