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Testing the student maladroits
(2002-08-17, 1:48 p.m.)
Today I went in and took my placement test for BCC,and I only ended up getting 3 hours sleep but I dunno,I woke up,took a shower..and like..I just finally felt like I'm finally moving forword in my life and it made me feel really good=).The placement test went quite well,I didn't do great on the math part..but that's because I took the calc prep questions,and I think that even though I didn't get a lot right..they may place me in calc because I actually remembered much more that I thought I would.The rest was all english,and that was really really easy.It reminded me of my 5 hour course,and it was all funny...

I walk in really late and It's like,i get to the room its supposed to be in and no one was in I wait about 5 minutes and the test director is like "oh,we moved to another room"..and escourts me and I walk in,and it was really weird and hilarious at the same time.I sit down next to these two guys,and its like the whole room is fixated on me..just staring..which was really weird.Then we took the test and then we were givin our 10 minute break,I walk out,and this kid walks up to me being all stupid "yeah,cool shirt man,I love the favorite album is aenima" was just like yesterday..but today it was just hilarious,and didn't annoy me. nothing much happend after that,but it was just funny.I was strangely comfortable too,I didn't feel awkward or anything...I was in a good mood and talking to a lot of people..and just listening to all the idiotic conversations around me,and making stupid comments which no one realize I was being an asshole and I blurted out "Oh My Gawd...this fuckin soda isnt carbonated"...and the room went silent and then no one talked to me from that was fun=).

So now here I am,getting ready to go on vacation and packing my clothes.What's crazy is I don't feel tired or sick at all,considering i got only 3 hours sleep.I'm not complaining though,and today was very very amusing.My dad baought stuff for making sandwiches and thats awesome because I loved it when he got that stuff all the time.I'm feeling really good,and happy.Its nice to feel like I'm finally getting someplace.It's nice,and I dont feel like such an underachiever.It's nice.I like having things to talk about again,even if theyre still boring.I still feel really stale as a person,and lame and boring...but now I realize it's not me..It's just from not doing anything,and once I get a job and start school I'll be the same closet sarcastic jerk Iv'e always